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DocBird CrossReferencer 1.2

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DocBird CrossReferencer can automatically build lookup tables between documents.

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360 Days
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It is ideal for crossing your data: classification tables or reference data for example.

DocBird CrossReferencer incorporates several similarity algorithms and determines correspondence by comparing the columns you specify (labels or descriptions for example). You can configure your search rules in a more or less precise manner according to the nature of your content.

With one click, DocBird CrossReferencer presents a summary report of the results and lists the references it has directly found. For the undefined references, it allows you to quickly choose the right one among a list of the most similar elements. When you are done, you can export the lookup table in the format you want.

DocBird CrossReferencer is very easy to use. With an intuitive interface, it supports multiple input formats (delimited text or not , CSV , Excel ... ). The solution offers you the possibility to save your work in projects; which allows you to process recurrent cases.

In sum, DocBird CrossReferencer saves you valuable time.