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SecureFX 7.2.5

SecureFX for Linux provides a high-productivity environment with a tabbed user interface, the secure protocols you need, and powerful site synchronization.

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30 Days
X11 / Linux
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SecureFX for Windows, Mac, and Linux is a secure file transfer client with advanced features like site synchronization and automation to help network administrators and web designers streamline everyday tasks. Delivering strong security with SFTP, SCP, and SSL-based protocols, as well as legacy FTP, SecureFX is the tool you can rely on for tough jobs connecting to multiple servers, resuming multi-file transfers, and getting through network proxies and firewalls. An easy-to-learn tabbed interface gets you up and running quickly. Establish a secure connection, then drag and drop files to and from the server and your desktop or other applications (Windows only). The SFXCL command-line utility (Windows only) allows fully-automated, unattended file transfers. Relentless transfers automatically reconnect and resume when connections are broken. Authentication options include password, keyboard interactive, public-key, X.509, and Kerberos v5. Site synchronization handles upload, download, and true mirroring. Filter a file selection with wildcard support, and store configurations in the synchronize database for quick recall. Named sessions and firewalls let you to save preferences for future use. A personal data folder provides separate storage of logon information so that other configuration data can be stored on a network drive or in the cloud for use on different systems or sharing with colleagues. A 30-day, fully-functional evaluation includes access to technical support. Update information: SecureFX 7.2 improves productivity with a dockable session manager for connecting to sessions (Windows only). A personal data folder can now store logon credentials separate from other session data, SCP supports Cisco and Juniper devices, and support for SHA-2 MAC algorithms improves security and compliance. Workflow is improved with an option to transfer files automatically during synchronization and an option to force the use of ASCII or binary for all file transfers.


[30] Days evaluation period
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