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CodeSpells Beta

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CodeSpells is a fun way for young students to learn the art of programming.

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In CodeSpells , a wizard must help a land of gnomes by writing spells in Java. Simple quests teach main Java components such as conditional and loop statements. From more immersive gameplay to more complex programming concepts, CodeSpells will soon be a one stop shop for an introduction to programming!

The character wakes up in a strange place populated by gnome-like creatures. She has been sent here to learn the ways of magic. The gnomes are in need of her help, they know a little magic, but don't have enough to accomplish simple tasks. They need her help, and she needs theirs.

With some guidance from the gnomes, she takes her first faltering steps with magic. She begins to master her power bit by bit, while trying to prepare for a scary and dark future.

Through a series of quests initiated by the denizens of the Enchanted Crater, she begins her training as a master wizard.