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VyprVPN for Mac 2.7.5

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Golden Frog didn't invent VPN, we merely optimized VyprVPN for today's broadband connections.

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10.1 / 10.2 / 10.3 / 10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / OS X / 10.7
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Unlike virtually every other VPN provider, VyprVPN is not an outsourced or hosted solution that relies on third parties to deliver its VPN service. Golden Frog writes 100% of its VPN server software, manages its own network, and owns the hardware to ensure your privacy is respected and your VPN connection speeds are fast.

VyprVPN for Mac is an application that automatically configures and simplifies managing your VPN connections. Switch freely between VyprVPN worldwide server locations and VPN protocols with a single click. VyprVPN service is required to use the App. Windows, iOS and Android Apps are also available. Learn more about VyprVPN service at

Features: - Connect and Disconnect you VPN connection with a single click - Quickly change VyprVPN server locations and VPN protocols - Easy access to VyprVPN configuration settings

Switch effortlessly between all VyprVPN server locations: -United States - Washington, D.C. -United States - Los Angeles, CA -United States - Austin, TX New! -Canada - Toronto New! -Netherlands - Amsterdam -France - Paris -United Kingdom - London -Germany - Frankfurt -Asia - Hong Kong

Easily switch between VPN Protocols:

-PPTP -L2TP -OpenVPN (160 bit encryption) -OpenVPN (256 bit encryption)

Advanced Features: - Option to automatically activate VyprVPN when using an unsecured wireless network - Option to automatically detect a lost VPN connection and prompt to reconnect - Fast access to your recent VyprVPN server locations and VPN protocols - Automatically updates new VyprVPN server locations - Automatically replaces security certificates for OpenVPN and L2TP