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Folder Factory 1.0

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Folder Factory is a neat little app for changing the design of your folder icons.

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It will help you to match similar folders by the color, text or picture and this will keep your Mac organized. The most important folders will be distinguished in your working environment like never before!

- Enhance folder icons and make them visible in the crowded locations on your Mac. - Attach pictures, write text and modify an existing icon to design unique folders. - Place your images and text exactly where you want them on the icon. - Replace original folder icon with your picture, text or the combination of these two. - Write text in the colors and fonts that you like. - Adjust opacity of your folders or even make them invisible. - Apply color effect to your picture, folder icon and text. 
 Folder Factory makes it super-easy to design beautiful folders that will help you to improve your working environment, productivity and will keep you entertained while working on your Mac.

Simple, user-friendly and efficient Folder Factory app will surprise everyone!