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360 Degrees Data Encryption with CyberSafe Encryption Software Tools for business and home.

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7 / XP / 2003 / Vista
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360 Degrees Data Encryption with CyberSafe Encryption Software Tools for business and home.

Keep your data safe with powerful encryption software like CyberSafe. CyberSafe enables file and folder encryption and signing, the possibility to properly hide files and folders, secure backup encryption, Skype chat encryption and more.

CyberSafe is an ultimate data encryption software, providing every tool that you need to protect your data effectively, reliably and without a lot of hassle. It offers many different techniques and algorithms for encrypting files and folders which can then be digitally signed. CyberSafe also provides features for effectively hiding files and folders, a feature in Windows which, by itself, is very limited. With CyberSafe, a hidden file or folder is automatically encrypted and it is properly hidden and completely inaccessible over a network, by using Safe Mode, changing the hard drive location or using remote desktop tools.

CyberSafe Data Encryption Software offers all possible tools, techniques and algorithms for files encryption: OpenPGP, MS CSP, Crypto-Pro (certified GOST), AES, 3DES, RSA, GOST, BlowFish. S/MIME, Public Key Infrastructure (recipient based) encryption, digital signatures, encrypted zip.

CyberSafe is different! New concept: no stupid folders like My hidden files, My protected folder. Hidden files are always encrypted. Not visible in safe mode, over network, with remote desktop tools, when placing HD on different PC. Even if located (no hidden technique gives 100% assurance) the objects could not be obtained and even listed as files by any means because of strong encryption.

CyberSafe Encryption Tools create On-The-Fly transparent encrypted military based volumes (crypto-containers) based on 448-bit cipher along with Data Compression, Tags, Custom attributes, Alternate streams, Storage metadata, SQL-like search engine. Data Encryption Software Tools Amazon S3 browser and backup data encryption software.

CyberSafe Data Encryption Software offers superb Amazon S3 total secure backup, fully automated with scheduling and task making. The files on amazon are launched just from the remote server as they were on your PC, after the work is done the files are saved encrypted and placed on Amazon S3 back. Its fully transparent. With access rights functions admins can easily manage corporate workspace 99,99999% data loss assured and 100% secure encrypted.

One of very little encryption software around the globe CyberSafe is concerned about Skype traffic which is always encrypted and thus its never known which data leaks from your pc and who can read it. CyberSafe offers PKI based Skype chat sessions encryption.

CyberSafe Data Encryption Software Tools can function as a Certificate Authority. Creating, Importing, Exporting, Editing of PKCS#7certificates, RSA, OpenPGP, GOST 34.10-2001 keys.

#1 Data Encryption Software Bundle with 360 degrees data protection. Only CyberSafe offers all possible encryption features in one bundle. Check the comparison table.

The price for CyberSafe will surprise you! Only 49$ against 320$ if you want to collect all the features from different vendors. Check the comparison table. Email encryption software support.

CyberSafe Certification Authority functions combined with any email client gives S/MIME functionality to your email. Legal certified GOST CSP Crypto-Pro encryption software full support.

CyberSafe can be used with FSB certified Crypto-Pro CSP in governmental and bank institutions.