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EasyWare Human Resource Manager Lite 9.001

file size: 23.26 MB

EasyWare Human resource manager is a powerful software application that enables companies and organisations of all sizes to easily manage their payroll systems.

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Trial Period:
12 Months
7 / NT / 2k / XP / Vista

<p> This version is HRM Managed. There are three versions of the software: <p> (1) HRM Lite is completely standalone. It is easy to install, but runs from just the computer on which it is loaded and has no employee web interface. <p> (2) HRM Enterprise is faster, runs on the client's network or the Internet and accessible by several computers. <p> (3) HRM Managed is the same as Enterprise, but is run on our network, managed by us, and is accessible by our clients anywhere in the world.: