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Password Genie Mac 1.0

Let Password Genie keep your digital identity safe and convenient.

Its no secret that identity and password theft is on the rise. And if you are like the average user, you know that keeping track of more than 22 online logins and passwords is a pain. Let Password Genie keep your digital identity safe and convenient. By storing your passwords, logins and other important personal information in the cloud, youll keep your information protected and reduce the risk of identity theft. Protection you need and convenience youll love with Password Genie. Smart Logins No complex learning required. Password Genie saves your usernames and passwords and provides auto-fill, auto-submit, and keystroke options. Advanced Custom Options Password Genie comes with multiple preference options that will make your experience unique and browsing hassle-free. Safe and Secure All your personal data and preferences are stored with 256-bit AES encryption and transferred with 128-bit SSL, the same technology used by secure sites and banks today. In addition, your data is further protected by requiring access to your computer with a password only you know. Multiple Users / Multiple PCs Password Genie can be installed on up to five (5) computers with unlimited users. Best of all, your saved logins, usernames, passwords, and preferences are synchronized across all your installations so they are available wherever you are. Automated Backups Password Genie ensures that all your saved website usernames and password are securely backed up and available in case you need to do a reinstall or transfer to a new computer at any time. Form Fill Password Genie allows you to save your commonly used web form information and automatically enter it into online web forms. Use this for profile information, contact information, credit card information and bank information, all safely and securely.