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Per Se 1.0.1

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Version 1.0.1 Updated:

- Mac OS Lion compatible - Improved stability and other important fixes - Password protection - Improved user interface - Last edited and word count tracking - Additional preferences and shortcuts for paging through the journal

Per Se is personal journaling software for your Mac.

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20 Entries

Per Se features an easy, natural and immersive writing environment that puts the focus back on journaling. The goal was to create an enjoyable application that encourages journaling.

Per Se is personal: From the start Per Se is your journal. Choose the theme that bests suits you and then customize the colors and fonts it uses. With a specially designed text layout engine, Per Se supports text wrapping and custom page layout so you can arrange your entries the way you like.

Per Se is rich text: Per Se includes all the great text system support you expect. Create lists and tables, add links to your entries, format individual words and entire paragraphs, insert quotations and checkboxes and highlight text.

Per Se is organization: Per Se helps keep your entries organized with tags, bookmarks, easy searching and a big, beautiful calendar. These workspaces fade in and out as you need them so that you can find what you're looking for and then get back to journaling.

Per Se is more than writing: Journaling is often more than the written word. Per Se includes built-in support for audio and video entries and can take pictures using your iSight camera. Add eye-catching notes to your entries as well as any kind of file or image.

Per Se is immersive: Most importantly, Per Se focuses on journaling. The custom designed, distraction free environment focuses exclusively on entry composition. With a full screen mode that is perfect for laptop journaling, you can ensure that nothing distracts you while you write.